Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins: The man worshiped

I Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

The goal of this site is to reveal the Truth about Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins and his State of Texas, incorporated 501(c)3 Christian church, called, HOUSE OF YAHWEH and his secular program called “THE PEACEFUL SOLUTION CHARACTER EDUCATION INCORPORATED,” by providing solid proofs, truths, testimonies, and other historical evidence to back up the whole truth about Yisrayl Hawkins and his religious cult!

This site reveals the mental abuse that many ex-members have had to endure in this religious mind control cult, as well as the current members! Its location in Abilene/Clyde, Texas is in the heart of West Texas and is the talk of shame, in the Abilene region and community. We attempt in every way, to reveal to you, the reader, the truth about a man of sin, a son of perdition, who sits as the Mighty One, in a corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH, whose name is, Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins. His true intentions for those who may join his church, or who follow his character education program, is to get control of every aspect of their life! Make no assumptions of any righteousness about this man, just because he uses the sacred Hebrew name of the Creator or professes to teach truth. He is a mixture of religious truth and lies, which makes him dangerous! Many have fallen for his mixed, old/new testament teachings which on the outside seems so right, yet they do not realize this is the trap he has set for them! His proclamation is “you must live by the 613 Laws of  Yahweh”, in no way qualifies him as a righteous teacher of Torah! He does not practice, what he preaches! If you do assume he is righteous by his teachings, then he has accomplished his goal of ensnaring you in his web of deceit and lies! He is an excellent religious salesman, whose mixture of part truth, part lie, requires the serious bible student to carefully examine his doctrines, in order to see through his clever misuse of concordance/lexicon misinterpretation, and mistranslation! Most who leave or get kicked out of his church, are the serious bible students who, through intense study of bible doctrines, have their eyes opened to see enough of his lies and deception. At this point of their studies, they usually question him or his Kahans (Elders) about their scriptural error, and then, they either get kicked out of the church, or leave before he can take anymore of their money or destroy their lives!

Any serious bible student, seeking truth and knowledge of scriptural truths, eventually find that the Hebrew Name of the Creator (Yahweh) is a name that is respected throughout the religious world, and has been protected by the Jewish people for many centuries, as sacred and holy. Yisrayl Hawkins has dishonored it in so many ways, it should be no wonder why the Jewish people try to hide it from Gentiles, like Yisrayl Hawkins! He has NO FORMAL HEBREW SCHOOLING, which should be the first warning sign of those who examine his works! After all, how can someone with a 5th grade education interpret and translate the Hebrew language, when he can’t even use a Strong’s Concordance properly, nor understand the English language, much less the Hebrew language! Just for the record, if he is an expert of translation of the Hebrew language, then why isn’t there any Jewish converts at his church? Why aren’t the scholars lined up at his door seeking his help? All of his members, including Yisrayl Hawkins are former Christians who came to a corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH in Abilene, Texas, to learn Judaic Torah teaching, with a bit of New Testament Messianic teaching thrown in for good measure. He is a former Herbert Armstrong, Worldwide Church of God member, whose doctrinal influences is reflected in the HOY teachings today! Many people who came to his church, attempted to learn the Laws of the Old Testament, from Yisrayl Hawkins teachings. However, they were duped by Yisrayl Hawkins, who uses old testament teachings as a way to draw in the unsuspecting bible student and make them into his personal slaves. So instead of helping people, he does the opposite with his teachings: he breaks up families, steals life savings, and destroys peoples faith in the Bible! What Yisrayl Hawkins does is not a reflection of old testament, or biblical teachings, but instead is a reflection of HIMSELF, the articulate, manipulative, con-artist, who uses mixed old/new testament teachings, to entrap people in his deceptive world of biblical mistranslation! There are many false preachers, like him, that use the bible, and religion, to bilk people out of their money, free labor and private property! And in this researchers opinion, Yisrayl Hawkins is one of the best he has encountered! Through his religion, he has become a millionaire, while the majority of his followers live in poverty and struggle to feed their families!

This site exposes “the man behind the name,” who at the State, incorporated House of Yahweh, is Yisrayl Hawkins and his loyal officials whose lifelong commitment is to promote him! Many brave people have come forward to testify and reveal the truth of what happened to them at Yisrayl Hawkins, corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH and you will read their testimonies on this site! Their truth should be a warning sign, to the truth seeking bible student, about the dangers of mind control cult leaders, such as Yisrayl Hawkins. The people you read about here, testify of the real, truthful stories, of their contact with Yisrayl Hawkins and his corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH organization. My promise is that none of these stories are fabricated, but are the truth of what these people experienced at Yisrayl Hawkins, House of Yahweh! This website was established to allow ex-members an outlet, to share their stories, and expose “the man behind the name”, Yisrayl Hawkins. This website is also here, for YOU, to provide any detailed information that you might be willing to share about your experiences with Yisrayl Hawkins and the House of Yahweh, in order for those who seek the truth, may be enlightened and his deception revealed! There is a passage in scripture that says, “there are some men who must be stopped, who destroy whole Houses of Yahweh!” This is not talking about a church, but the physical bodies, called Temples of the Living Elohim! Yisrayl Hawkins has destroyed many of them, and he must be stopped!

The author of this website has spent 31 years, thoroughly researching and investigating Yisrayl Hawkins life, his false doctrinal teachings, and his mind control program. Throughout the years the author has spent countless hours with his family, and spent many long hours of personal time with Yisrayl Hawkins. He actually served as a Deacon (1988), Elder (1989), Judge (1991) and Kahan (2000), faithfully serving Yahweh in many churches throughout his life, for 40+ years and knows Yisrayl Hawkins better than most at the church, today! The author built two homes on the HOY 44 acre compound, and like most zealous converts, never expected to leave! Since his departure in 2008, Yisrayl Hawkins, has managed to steal his property, (never gave title to the land) and tried to ruin him financially! Since then, the author has made it a lifelong mission to investigate and expose Yisrayl Hawkins and his Wild West Buffalo Bill Religious Show, and reveal all the LIES of his cult! He has traveled throughout the country speaking with many who know Yisrayl Buffalo Bill Hawkins, some of them for over 50 years! None of his living relatives, nor former associates, have said one good word about Yisrayl Hawkins. They all repeat the same statement: “He is a con-artist of biblical proportions, a shrewd businessman, a sexual deviant/predator, and a criminal.” Many of his ex-wives, and concubines, will not talk or give their story to the author, because of the fear, intimidation, and shame that Yisrayl Hawkins has placed in their minds. Many have tried to go on with their lives, and choose to forget their horrid past! However, in 2013 his ex-wife Kay Hawkins wrote a book about her life with Yisrayl Hawkins, which is a nightmare of living life with a sexual, sociopathic deviant! You will find a link for this book on this site, should you want to read about the beginning of his religious con game!

Make no mistake, Yisrayl Hawkins is dangerous to anyone who enters into his inner world of control! His pattern of sin, is evident by the many testimonies that you will read on this website! What amazes the author is that Yisrayl Hawkins was able to deceive him for so many years and hide his true identity! Of course he did this with many people, including his former wives! This is the life and way of a psychotic, sociopath! These type of individuals, could fool their own mother, wife, children and friends! Through the years, the author has personally seen Yisrayl Hawkins fool many highly educated people: Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Psychiatrists, and many other college educated individuals have entered his church, only to have their money stolen and in some cases their lives ruined! Too understand the mindset of a psychopathic mentality, check out the link below, as well as more information found within this site!

Here is a link to a video that gives a great explanation of the inner world of sociopathic people, like Yisrayl Hawkins!!!


Throughout this website, we reveal the real, Yisrayl Buffalo Bill Hawkins, which many never get to personally understand, or figure out until it is too late! The information contained here, is designed to help the true seeking bible believer, in their investigation of Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins, and his church. For those who have heard about him and want to know the truth about who Yisrayl Hawkins really is, need to read everything on this site, before attempting to attend his religious cult!  The information here can also help attorneys, judges and law enforcement officials, who have to contend with his members in the judicial system, acquire important information about his organization, and hopefully get a better glimpse of Yisrayl Hawkins and what they are contending with. We reveal Yisrayl Hawkins hidden motives behind his incorporated church, and character education program, which will give you, the researcher, the TRUTH about this self proclaimed preacher, who is worshiped by dedicated members, at his corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH!

He misleads many with his twisted version of bible prophecy! He has been wrong so many times on nuclear war and destruction taken place, it makes one wonder how can people keep believing this false prophet. Since 1993, he predicts the end of the world every 3 1/2 years. Here is an excellent article that exposes his many failed attempts at interpretation of biblical prophecy. I am not sure who the author is, but I applaud their concise, on point, evaluation of Yisrayl Hawkins false, prophetic, biblical teachings! If you read the article, notice how he takes Yisrayl Hawkins monthly newsletters and exposes him with Hawkins own writings! EXCELLENT ARTICLE and a must read for anyone who wants to see true deception, by the master of deception! One thing to notice is how Yisrayl Hawkins re-iterates over and over in his newsletters, that, “you must believe what he teaches, or you are a damn fool!” This repetitious teaching has been drilled into the members of his church for decades! His teaching tool, burnt into the members minds, is one of fear, intimidation, and guilt if you don’t believe he is a “prophet” of Yahweh! He should have wrote correctly that he is a “profit,” maker! Currently he is predicting the cult is in the end of the 3 1/2 cycle of a 7 year tribulation.


For those who don’t know Yisrayl Hawkins or his followers mental state, keep in mind that in their religious belief system, Yisrayl Hawkins is their: Messiah, King, Witness, Priest, Judge, Commander, General, Overseer, Prophet, and Dictator over their lives. He uses his 501c3 Texas State incorporated, HOUSE OF YAHWEH doctrines, as the platform to receive their loyalty. All his followers are taught through his doctrines, to worship him as the High Priest/King on Earth and they state emphatically that he is their Messiah in these last days. They preach and publish that Yisrayl Hawkins is the world’s only chance of salvation from nuclear destruction, and they are taught to follow and worship Yisrayl Hawkins if they want to avoid the Lake of Hell-fire, and eternal damnation! It is a very powerful, yet frightening teaching tool, that keeps them in line with church doctrine! They all must study the “Books of Yisrayl,” which are translated copies of his recorded live sermons, broken down in chapter and verse, like the bible, and sold to every member in book form! Their cell phones have him preaching as their ring tones. All members who live within a 3 mile radius of his church, are required to listen to his 24 hour radio broadcasts, which are found on FM 88.9 in Clyde, Texas. They are told that at night while they are sleeping these broadcasts are teaching their sub-conscious minds. This is part of the undue influence mind techniques that he uses!

For the last 40 years Yisrayl Hawkins has made many attempts to forge alliances with politicians, and anyone important, in 2014 joining forces with Malik Obama, President Obama’s half brother. His ultimate goal is to meet with the President of the United States and attempt to influence world leaders with his doctrine!

Yisrayl Hawkins biggest claim to fame, at his church, is his promotion his claim to being one of the “Two Witnesses” spoken about in the book of Revelation 11th chapter. This teaching is one of his biggest ploys to ensnare and trap, the ever searching bible student. This god given status, makes him an inspired holy prophet to his followers, second in stature, only to Messiah! His second claim to fame is his ongoing, 40 year teaching of eminent, Nuclear War! Many in his congregation have sold all their possessions, quit their jobs, and moved to Clyde, Texas to escape Yisrayl Hawkins, always, soon coming prophesied, Nuclear Holocaust Doomsday Event! Now they are moving to Clyde during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since the 70’s, he has been wrong on every prophesied war date he has quoted, and let’s hope he continues to be wrong! After all, who wants Nuclear War? He stated on National t.v., in an interview with Brian Ross of 20/20, that Nuclear War would start on September 12, 2006. When it didn’t happen, he then changed the date to June 12, 2007! When that date failed, a new date was set for June 12, 2008! After these consecutive string of  prophetic dates failed, he now takes the position of stating, “it could happen any day!” I guess that is a good way to never be wrong! Anytime there is something bad going on in the Middle East, he gets on the pulpit and instills fear in his followers about the coming imminent Nuclear War! Currently, they seem to be on a numerology teaching of the gematria numbering system with Strong’s concordance being the numbers of importance in their false prophetic teachings.

Throughout the years Yisrayl Hawkins has purposely placed himself at a physical distance from the members of his congregation, other than his hand picked loyal workers. He does this in order to establish his god-like status and the aura of Kingship to his followers. (When some members do get an appointment to speak to him in person, they leave his office on a natural high, for just being able to get an audience and be in the presence with their King!) His head wife, Phineyah Hawkins is worshiped as Queen, by the women of the HOUSE OF YAHWEH. The majority of members, who have attended his church for years, have only seen him from the pulpit, always surrounded by his specially trained, armed guards. He makes a point of not interacting personally with congregational members, for fear of his life! When on rare occasion (Feast of Passover) he does go out in the audience, he is surrounded by his armed guards! Many who personally know Yisrayl Hawkins, (like his blood siblings: aunts, uncles, and cousins,) have died years ago, so he can easily make up any story he wants to about his life! There are very few relatives alive, who could dispute the lies he spins about his life story! Those who do know about the real Yisrayl Hawkins, such as his sons, daughters and ex-wives, say he is psychotic. However, to cover himself, they are portrayed as evil traitors to his congregation! He uses the church pulpit as his place to exert his power, to control the listeners. Of course, they believe every word he preaches. Those who oppose him are considered “fall-aways,” embittered, ex-members, who are classified by him, as lying sons of Satan, and states emphatically that they have lost their salvation, because they turned from following Yisrayl Hawkins teachings. This teaching, causes the congregational members to dis-associate themselves completely with ex-members or barred members of the HOUSE OF YAHWEH! Even if they had been friends for decades, they will completely shun them in public!

If you visit his religious compound located off County Road 254, on Private Road 2547 in Callahan County, Texas, you will find surveillance cameras mounted on telephone poles, posts, under mailboxes, and next to the roadways along C.R. 254, watching and recording your every move. They are also placed in strategically located points along Abyl Way Road (Private Road 2547), which leads into the cult compound. Yisrayl Hawkins lives in fear and has his officials watching anyone who travels through their isolated community. All the members are watched closely, where you will see 2 and 3 story watch towers hovering over the landscape on Yisrayl Hawkins residential properties! Yisrayl Hawkins has telescopes set up in these towers where he can watch the activity of his members, while they slave in the fields! Like every religious cult, any members who show any signs of doubt about Yisrayl Hawkins teachings, are marked and watched closely, and eventually removed if they don’t repent of their disloyalty to Yisrayl Hawkins! Because most of the members have their cell phones activated through the House of Yahweh cell phone corporate account, their phones are tapped, and every phone call is examined for any disloyal actions or speech!

They also hack into internet accounts of members, and ex-members, and will set up phony pages on social networks, such as Facebook, in order to get information on activities of these people. (They want to see if active members are having contact with ex-members!) These intelligence operations are usually conducted by female members of the organization!  For example if they want to entrap a man of the HOY, they will put up a picture of a sexy girl, and entice them to interact with them on Facebook, MySpace and other social networks! These men then get reported to the Kahans for investigation! (You have to understand, most men at the HOY can’t get a wife, so they get online to find a woman whom they can convert and hopefully marry!) They also try to befriend former members, so they can see if they are friends with current members of the HOY!  They watch each members movements, keeping track of who they talk to, and who they make friends with! This is the reality of life at the House of Yahweh!!!

To receive the title of “fall-away” by Yisrayl Hawkins and his Officials, is considered by the corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH, as a badge of dishonor, disgrace, and shame for ex-members! If one is given this title, the current members are told to not have anything to do with them, turn your head away from them if you see them in public, rebuke them if you do have to talk to them, and shun them in every way possible! The author has experienced this many times from members whom he has known for decades! He has also made every attempt to email and call Yisrayl Hawkins, his Officials (called Kahans, Kohanahs, Deacons, and Deaconesses,) as well as any other members to give them a chance to rebut any information on this site! He has given them every opportunity to repent of their sins which they have committed against so many people who attended the HOY over the last 25 years. He uses this website as an opportunity to come forward with their version of the truth, if they feel this website is prone to give out any misinformation! As of 12/20/13, Yisrayl Hawkins, has never returned any phone calls, (the author has both of his personal cell #’s and he has the authors cell #,) emails, or letters to counter the claims against him and his officials on this website. His Elders have hung up on the author, cursed him, made personal attacks through video and audio recordings, and once they recognize the authors cell # on their caller I.D. they block his phone calls, from any future calls.

The author welcomes any challenges to this sites content and has placed a phone number on this site, as well as email, for any to challenge the authenticity of the information therein, or to seek answers about the corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH and it’s leader Yisrayl Hawkins. There is NOTHING TO HIDE, NOR ARE WE GETTING FINANCIAL GAIN FROM THIS WEBSITE! The purpose of this site is to expose the lies and evil intentions of men, like Yisrayl Hawkins and all those men and women, he recruits and trains, in the ways of trickery and deception! The author has empathy for those who are still trapped in Yisrayl Hawkins world of lies, and deception, and feels the best way to help the children of the HOY, is to expose the real Yisrayl Hawkins. The children are suffering at this time!

Here is an recent example of having contact with members of the corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH:

1/28/13: The author went to visit one of the Church members, whom he hasn’t seen in 5 years. This member formed the Naphtali Homeopathic Holistic Center, for the members of the corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH. This Center was designed to provide herbal and holistic cures for members ailments, so that they didn’t have to go to Doctors, or hospitals. I wanted to find out if this member had authorized (under Yisrayl Hawkins command) the Buffalo Gourd Cleanse. The Author had close contact with this member years before, and remembered him telling the author that the Buffalo Gourd was non-poisonous. When the author arrived at his house, the Church member immediately walked up and told the author to get off of his property, because in his words, “your presence on my property will get me in trouble.” When asked if he was still in the corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH, his response was, “of course.” This is one example of their fear of the hierarchy. These people live in constant fear! If they are seen talking to the author, or any that is called, “fallaway”, they fear being called into the office for questioning, and counseling by the Kahans! They know that they are automatically considered, “suspect,” and will be blacklisted! For a standing member, this is not a good position to be in, as they will be shunned, spied on, and talked about behind closed doors. It then takes years to get back in good standing with the Kahans! The hierarchy of Yisrayl Hawkins, doesn’t want anyone giving any information to the author, because they know that the TRUTH, will be printed here, for the whole world to read!

Here is another example of having contact, this time on the phone:

In November, 2012, the author called the church headquarters in Abilene (325-676-9494 and 325-893-5899) and spoke with the church’s resident scholar, Kahan David Verner (Yahudah Hawkins) about scriptural mistranslations that the church has been printing and teaching in their monthly magazine. (Some are on the mistranslation section of this site.) His response was “I don’t need to explain anything about scripture, to a fall-away!” He then hung up on the author! This is the type of response that the author gets from the hierarchy when attempting to get answers about their scriptural mistranslations! The author has sent in Feast registrations with certified Postal Money order funds, and they always send back the registrations, stating that the author needs to repent and get counseling! When questioned about what sin the author needs to repent of, they can never pinpoint any sin! They always say “take it up with your counselors!” This is how they handle those who are truly seeking the truth, who will dare to question their doctrine or authority, or reveal the truth about their buffalo god! This method of how they deal with those who question them, has been indoctrinated in them, by their master, and god, Yisrayl Buffalo Bill Hawkins! All they have to say, to what they consider a “fall-away,” is “you need to repent!” It is a shame they don’t follow their own guidelines and teachings of repentance!

The author has made every effort possible, to contact anyone, and follow every lead, in an effort to find those who will come forward, to reveal the truth about Yisrayl Hawkins! The authors most recent phone interview (8/2012)with a living relative of Yisrayl Hawkins, his Aunt Olive Hawkins, (85 yrs old,) revealed more truth about Yisrayl Hawkins, lying, stories: He is vaguely remembered by his Aunt Olive, who told the author that she did not remember anything important about Yisrayl Hawkins, except that he went to jail! When she was, specifically, questioned about Yisrayl Hawkins statement, “that all his Aunts and Uncles, spoke throughout the family, about his naming of ‘Bufflalo Bill’, by his younger brother, Vernon Hawkins (who according to Yisrayl Hawkins, was only 1 year old when he named him!) Aunt Olive told the author, that she never heard of such a thing, nor could remember any such story! Yet, Yisrayl Hawkins in sermons and books, states that all his family, especially his Aunts and Uncles, talked regularly about his naming, as “Buffalo Bill” by Vernon Hawkins. This story, according to Buffalo Bill, was supposedly an, “often spoken about story” in the Hawkins family! Another Buffalo Bill lie, exposed by the author, and you will read about the facts of Vernon’s birth date in this website, where you will see, State Certified, copies of Vernon’s death certificate, Official 1940 U.S. Census Reports, and Graham newspaper articles of Vernon’s death, all which verify Vernon to be nearly 4 years old at Buffalo Bill’s birth! His cousin, John Hawkins, told the author that he thinks that Yisrayl Hawkins mother named him. But no one will ever know the complete truth, because those who were personally there at Buffalo Bill’s birth, are all dead!

In an effort to bring forth the truth, the corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH’S leadership has created countless lies, using deceitful practices, and created slanderous videos to discredit the author and other exiled members information, which they have provided about Yisrayl Hawkins! This website has them running scared because of its truths, and they will use any tactic necessary to slander the author, and the testimonies of exiled members! But rest assured, no matter what slander and deceit they spin, the truth will continue to go forth and continue to be revealed! It is written, “the light reveals the works of darkness.”

This site will allow you, the reader, to decide the facts presented about, “Yisrayl Hawkins,” the man behind the name! In the continuing days, weeks, and years, this site will continue to print more stories of TRUTH! So keep coming back often to check updated information!

There is an old English proverb that says: “A leopard cannot change his spots.” In the 25 years of researching and attempting to put together the pieces of this 78 year old preacher, who has changed his name, but not his spots, this author has found this English proverb, sizes up Yisrayl Buffalo Bill Hawkins perfectly! His early life is a reflection of who he is and what he has accomplished. To many people who know him, they have found that he has built up a religious sex cult, that satisfies his every lust! He has built a loyal following of people, from every part of the earth, who will do anything he commands them to do!

This site is titled “The Man Behind the Name” because anyone who came to a corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH in Abilene, Texas knows that this corporate church has a man behind it’s name. Yisrayl Hawkins is the man behind many names: (liar, thief, adulterer, fornicator, predator, child molester, con-artist, actor, destroyer of families). We want to reveal to you, the reader, the truth and experiences of those who came to Abilene, Texas to find Yahweh and instead found a mind control, religious sex cult leader. Their true stories, reveal the man behind the name, his personality and his hidden character. His persona can be compared to other notable, psychopathic and sociopathic personalities such as: Adolph Hitler, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Charles Manson and many other totalitarian cult leaders. He is a cult of personality in every sense of the phrase! We hope that this website will inform you, about his deceptive practices, and possibly allow him a way for repentance for the evil he has done. It would be a relief to many abused by him, if he did bring forth fruits worthy of repentance! Many people have questioned and asked the author, how could anyone with a right conscience, not be remorseful for the harm that has been done to so many good people and how could anyone not see the deception? There is no easy answer! One thing about a psychotic mind, is had Yisrayl Hawkins been an Agent, Officer, or Politician in Nazi Germany, the people who questioned him, would have been sent to concentration camps, by his commandments, because they questioned his authority and his doctines!

His modern day equivalent sentence to the Nazi concentration camp, is to experiment with your health through cleanses (killing many elderly members) and if you oppose his doctrine, his officials, proudly, will kick you out of his HOUSE OF YAHWEH (their form of spiritual death). However, before this is done, he makes sure to size them up, in order to take their money, property, loyalty of their wives, children, and their innocence. For those of you who have never been to his corporate church in Clyde, Texas the things you read here may seem surreal, bizarre, and outright crazy, but I assure you, that this is the truth of real people (the author spent 21 years under his control) who reveal hidden truths of this mind control religious cult!

The stories you will read here, come from people who are in the continuing process of healing from the deep, physical and emotional scars, and wounds of Yisrayl Hawkins psychopathic influence over their minds and bodies. His ex-wife Kay Hawkins, revealed many things in her 2013 book, “The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story, (a link for her book is found on this website.) The thing that stands out prominently about Yisrayl Hawkins, in her book, is the fact that he studied mind control techniques since the 70’s, and it is obvious he uses the techniques he studied, to control the people who enter the gates of his corporate church! For those who go there today, the effects of his mind control over them, is obvious and can be seen by their worship of this man, who in their eyes, “does not sin!” To the members, he is their modern day, “Messiah.” They teach, without Yisrayl Hawkins, the world is lost and deceived! To the loyal members, only Yisrayl Buffalo Bill Hawkins, can save the world from its sins! Many will see this loyalty, in the video section of this website. They have defiantly set an idol in their church, a white buffalo, who represents their God: Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins, which is contrary to the Law of Yahweh found in the Ten Commandments (have no Gods in place of Me, nor make any idols of anything on earth!) Yes, he has convinced them he is the answer to a Lakota Indian prophecy calling himself the White Buffalo!

Yisrayl Hawkins and his followers, condemn all religions, especially the Catholic Church. According to his edict and command, his corporate church, THE HOUSE OF YAHWEH, is the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH, where anyone can find salvation! His website promotes his hatred for all religions. (www.yahweh.com) One of his teachings that he brought out a few years ago is that, “He is a God (Yahweh) to them!” His followers worship him and would do anything he tells them to do and have made him into a living God!

Instead of reading the bible, the congregation has been trained to read the “Book of Yisrayl” which are transcripts of his sermons. They get to purchase them at $29.95-35.00 per book! Currently there are 11 volumes, so you do the math! If you are into science fiction, you can get “Birth of the Nuclear Baby,” a book of false prophecy predictions, based on Yisrayl Hawkins 30 year nuclear war mind fantasy! More money in his pocket to churn the machine! All books are copyrighted in his name, yet the members think that the money goes to the HOY! And for convenience of commerce, he has set up a website where you can purchase them: http://www.yisraylhawkins.com/books.aspx  If you notice on this site, the church doctrinal books are cheaper, because they are the ones that are slow moving and hardly ever promoted by the church, to buy.


When you send them your donation for the books, the Kahan’s (Elders) accept your money on behalf of the Buffalo God, with a big smile!

The stories you will read on this site, reveal a complex, diverse culture of people from all over the world who came to a corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH in Clyde, Texas located 15 miles East of the city of Abilene, Texas to find prophetic, scriptural truths. The faith of many of these sincere, honest, bible searching people and the children who followed them there, with no choice, is their testimony to the effects of what Yisrayl Hawkins has done to their lives. These people gave 100% of their heart, mind, and soul, to an organization and a man, that claimed to have care for them and promised them the gift of salvation through the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. But instead many left financially broke, brokenhearted, disillusioned, fearful, paranoid, physically and emotionally scarred, and many have lost their faith in any kind of Creator! The teachings of Yahweh’s laws aren’t wrong, it’s the delusional messenger who twists them to suit his own needs and desires, that has caused harm to the unsuspecting believer!

Some stories you read, may cause mixed emotions, because they are real stories, from people who have been through some serious religious testings and trials. May this site help us all come to terms with our Creator, ourselves, our family, and our friends. This site is here to reveal, Yisrayl Hawkins,”The Man Behind the Name.”

The scriptures are real to serious bible students who are searching for Truth. You will find that Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins, does not represent the character of Yahweh’s name, but he does represents his name, “Buffalo Bill, Yisrayl Hawkins” quite well. He has buffaloed a lot of people since 1981, when he incorporated his church, called “HOUSE OF YAHWEH.” His name “Yisrayl” means: “He who rules with treacherous power.” His name is befitting of the man, now crowned the Great White Buffalo God! This site will reveal the stories and truth of the man behind this name, revealing the “Hidden One,” the dishonest character of Yisrayl Hawkins, which few get to see and many fear to speak about.

May those who are new to Yisrayl Hawkins and his HOUSES doctrines, receive all these facts presented at this site with concern. Carefully research these facts, and weigh them on the scales of truth and justice. I can assure you, there are no hidden motives, the author does not receive any compensation, nor asks for any compensation, to reveal these hidden truths. The author is not attempting to draw out a following, nor has a following! The sincere desire and purpose of the information contained herein, is to WARN the unsuspecting believer and truth seeker of the dangers that lie at the corporate HOUSE OF YAHWEH! The new convert should find this information valuable, in order to make a conscious, well informed decision, before considering joining this religious, sacred-name sex cult, located in Clyde, Texas.

For those of you who have your story to tell, we applaud your courage and faith, in coming forward to reveal, “The Man Behind the Name.” For some this will be a rough road, for others therapeutic, and for many a weight of so many years of guilt lifted off of their shoulders! No one should have to carry around guilt, shame, or burdens that was placed upon them, by the most psychotic man, they have ever met. Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins brags about being the most hated man on earth, and it should be no amazement to those who have experienced his lies, deception, and control, as to why his teachings has caused him to be declared, an evil psychotic sinner, who blasphemes the Great Name of Yahweh, and destroys the faith of many of Yahweh’s called out ones. May Yahweh bless all those who sincerely entered it’s doors and those who have exited its gates.

There is a passage in the bible that Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins, His House, uses and we’d like to point it in their direction: and say with a LOUD VOICE:

“Fear Yahweh and give glory to Him: for the hour of His judgment is come! And, Worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of the waters.”

“How long shall be the vision concerning the daily and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? And he said unto me, Unto Two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.”

The social disorder and behavior of Yisrayl Hawkins can best be shown by revealing how he operates his 501(c)3 corporation, named “HOUSE OF YAHWEH.” It was created for the purpose of making Yisrayl Hawkins a wealthy man, and he has succeeded! Kay Hawkins, his children, and others who were close to him, sum up his personality in two terms: bi-polar and psychopathic! This evidence is revealed on this website for you; to read, learn, and decide. This site reveals the evil he has done to so many innocent people, who came to the House of Yahweh looking for Old Testament torah teachings, but instead found lies and deception! Below is many examples of the social disorder of Yisrayl Hawkins and how he operates his church and treats the members.

1. He ordered a fountain to be built in front of the sanctuary that was only used once since it’s construction 25 years ago,  and was never filled with water again to be used as a fountain.

2. He ordered a library to be built in the sanctuary, that NEVER  didn’t have any books placed in it, and yet to this day, the members still call the room, “the library.”

3. Water coolers were installed in the sanctuary, instead of central a/c and heat. The water that supplied them was only allowed to drip water into the units causing the pumps to burn out, and then once broken, they were not replaced. This caused the coolers to blow hot air and left the sanctuary hot as hell in the summer months. In the winter time the people freeze their rear ends off because the sanctuary is heated with a few thermal heaters, which are under rated for the size building and only heat those seated underneath them. However, Yisrayl Hawkins personal office, in the same building, is centrally air conditioned and heated by large wood burning stoves, which heat the air, unlike the inadequate heaters in the main sanctuary.

4. Yisrayl Hawkins builds large residential houses, with his low income, slave labor force, and fully furnishes these homes, but yet no one lives in them! To justify their construction, the members are told these are built for world dignitaries to stay at when they visit the House of Yahweh. However, he uses them to court and impress the young girls that he lures into his extended family. Many of the elderly women who are asked to move to the Abilene area, are recruited to be a part of what he calls, “the work,” which basically makes them voluntary slaves to him. They are abused by other women, who will take complete advantage of them and their helpless situation that they find themselves in. (Read Marian Kraimer’s testimony in our “Testimonies 1995-Present” link on this site, as one example of Yisrayl Hawkins con game and how he treats elderly women!)

5. Yisrayl Hawkins consistently preaches across the pulpit that the members needed to take internal health cleanses, but it is reported he never took them. I have been told that people have died from these cleanses, (David DeMello) and many have fallen into poor health from cleansing themselves too many times over long periods of time. He teaches to salt everything: food, bathing, washing clothes, dishes, etc… At this time many people appear to be in poor health, and many are overweight from improper diet (they all eat at his restaurant which serves greasy foods, in plastic/styrofoam containers, cooked and kept in unsanitary conditions.) He tells them they can’t buy milk from the world, and so therefore they can’t purchase anything with milk products, such as candy bars, breads, etc…while behind closed doors, he eats candy bars and buys milk products. He has set up a secure financial empire, called Hakahan Family Co-op. This is where all members are required to buy milk, butter, honey, eggs, chickens, meat, and other foods at much higher prices.  At the 3 commanded Biblical Feasts, prices on these same products double, or triple in price, because he knows the members will be spending 2nd tithes to purchase these items. (2nd tithes can only be used at these Feasts!) Also when his slaughterhouse meat does goes on sale, it is because they re-package and reprice old meat and sell it at discount, not telling the members that it is outdated meat! The people are duped into thinking that they are getting a deal on fresh meat! If you bring an animal to his slaughterhouse for packaging, you have to give half of the animal as a donation, on top of tithing 20% of it to his church. During deer season he gives permission to certain loyal men to go and kill as many deer as they can possibly kill, which are brought to his slaughterhouse for processing. They don’t get any of the meat as it is considered a donation to the work.  These men also are taught to violate Texas State law by killing deer without tagging the deer, therefore breaking the season limit of deer, during the winter months. One year, it was reported that as many as 60 deer were killed by a few men on his properties around Callahan County. He preaches to keep the laws of man, but behind closed doors allows the breaking of State laws, especially if it conveniently profits him. The deer meat usually goes to his large personal family members for them to eat.

6. Yisrayl Hawkins has been seen shopping on the Sabbath on numerous occasions at Wal-Mart, but his members are taught to keep the Sabbath holy as the law commands and therefore they don’t buy on the Sabbath day in the stores. He believes he is above the law and can violate the Sabbath for the work, because he is the High King and Priest over his church. However, he has sanctioned certain people to do business at Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and other stores, making purchases for “the work!” If you drive down CR 254 in Clyde, you will see them working in the fields plowing and working on their various farm jobs milking, gardening, slaughtering, etc., and doing their everyday normal work on the Sabbath Day, for what they call during,”the Work of Yahweh.” He basically has taken an negative law “thou shall do no work on the 7th day,” and made it into a positive law, “do the work of Yahweh on the Sabbath!” This is contrary to the laws of the Torah! You can’t change negative into positive, without violating the laws that Yahweh has established!

7. He preached to the members that they can’t eat out in public restaurants because the world is defiled, but he has been seen eating in public restaurants around Abilene on numerous occasions.

8. Kay Hawkins, his ex-wife of 20+ years, stated he would drink Brandy with his coffee on Sabbath mornings and then get up on the stage and preach. This is contrary to his teaching to the Elders, that it is against the Law of Yahweh to drink before entering the sanctuary to speak to the congregation. Now, he has given a commandment that no members can drink alcohol. His reasoning is that they are fulfilling a vow, in order to become perfect and righteous! Even though he condemns the Baptist churches teaching of not drinking alcohol, he practices the same doctrine! More contradictory teachings!

9. He has illegitimate children from his lustful affairs, some of these fostered children have never met him. One woman lives in Abilene, now in her 40’s, and has never met him personally, and most likely would never want to. She is a fatherless child from his fornication with unsuspecting women. There are countless other children, from his multiple marriages/concubines/girlfriends, who are scattered all over the U.S. There are other women, who to this day, are too scared, ashamed, or embarrassed, to come forward to tell their story of their life with a sexual deviant/predator. Many get paid off to keep their mouths shut!

10. He has allowed the abuse of women (physical and sexual), by his slaves/workers; many of these women are too ashamed to come forward and tell their story, because of the extreme shame to which they have been subjected. Today, there are still many sex offenders in his church, who have access to children.

11. He has conspired and allowed tax fraud within the corporation, by having the HOY books padded/cooked by creating receipts and expenditures and hiding assets from the IRS. Even flying in a HOY member who is an accountant (G. Lynn Hayes a.k.a. Yahdiah Hayes in 2000) from out of town so she could spend weekends working with others on fixing the books! Several years ago after his arrest, he had his slave workers burn boxes and boxes of receipts. He then got up on the podium on Sabbath, lied, and stated that the HOY gives out free meals by the thousands each month, and feeds people for free, at the HOY.

12. He spends tithes and offerings on himself, taking cash out of the tithe box whenever he needs money. (Several people have testified to this and hopefully will tell their story.) He considers himself the High Priest, who can live off of the tithes, but others can’t.

13. After Kay Hawkins divorced him, he started to spend the wealth which he kept hidden during his marriage, buying 100’s of acres of land and dozens of houses around the Big Country of West Texas. After she left, he didn’t have anyone to keep him in check. Before his divorce he transferred assets and property into loyal followers names in order to keep Kay from getting any of this in the divorce settlement! His estimated worth is at: $30,000,000 (impossible to accurately know, as he has his assets in other peoples names, trust accounts, and offshore accounts. He is known to have several SS numbers.

14. He practices medicine without a license! He had a licensed doctor from Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Valda Byrd, aka Valda Hawkins Byrd, who was a loyal member for over a decade, treat many people at the church, for various illnesses. She was his personal doctor to his wives, and the many women under his headship. He has spread an infectious STD to his many lovers, some as young as 15. Yisrayl Hawkins is the carrier of trichomoniasis, a STD which infects the women he is intimate with. To cover his disease spreading, he preached what was called, the x-rated STD sermon series, that taught that all the members have STD’s, given to them  from birth and inherited from their parents. It is apparent that this was done so that none of his women would question or even understand how they got an STD, especially when some of them were virgins when he took them! He used Dr. Valda Byrd for over a decade, to treat many of these women, it has been told by some members, that some of these young women had abortions under her care, for him. She was the sole female doctor for most of the women in the House of Yahweh. She was also involved in the midwives program and was involved in the death of Lisa Johnson, who died in childbirth, by bleeding to death!

He had her learn homeopathic methods so that she could use herbs, and other natural ways to try to help these women, but it is known that Yisrayl Hawkins was getting pharmaceutical medicine, illegally brought in from Mexico, by Kenny Palmer, aka Kenath Hawkins, son of Charlie Palmer the President of the House of Yahweh corporation.

In order to cover his tracks of spreading his STD to his women, he also the teaching to the members of the church that they needed to start internal body cleanses to supposedly clean up the body from STD’s, which he sold from his Life Nutrition Store on T&P Lane in Abilene, Texas. There is no doubt this whole homeopathic cleansing system was started because of his high rate of infecting the women he lays with, and to try to get them cleansed.  None of the women realize, HE is the carrier of the serious STD, which has no cure.  Some women in his extended family, have been told to go to their birth city and visit doctors to get medical help, so that the doctors in Abilene, don’t connect all his polygamous exploits with his STD. To make matters worse, some of these women, do not go and get medical attention, but instead trust his medical advice and only rely on herbs that he recommends! While we are not ridiculing herbal formulas, it is always advisable to get a medical checkup to make sure these herbs are working.  Yisrayl Hawkins does not have any schooling in homeopathic, health doctoring, and only tells people to take what someone else has recommended to him! He discourages the members from visiting doctors, but he goes to doctors on a routine basis to treat his disease and ailments.

15. He has no regard, concern, nor love for his children, wives, or the people, which is evident by the members he has expelled from his church, which includes his own wives and children!

16. He directs certain chosen Elders (Kahans), Deaconesses, Deacons, and others to commit, fraud, theft, murder (Lester Perkins/David Richardson, Robert Martin a.k.a. Robert Mosheh Hawkins, Ray Elgin have died mysteriously), lying, and so many other horrible atrocities against his church members, which keeps him at arms length from direct involvement and any legal actions. He has loyal Elders who direct their Captains over the security, to commit illegal and immoral activities. He has all his members sign Power of Attorney forms that will give the House of Yahweh full power of attorney over their affairs and upon their death, power over their estates!

17. Yisrayl Hawkins purchases mobile homes dirt cheap and then sells them to unsuspecting members in many cases at tens of thousands of dollars profit. This after spending a few hundred dollars and free labor to get them looking presentable. (Ex: David Rowe of New York, Yeshayah George of Trinidad, Shemuel Richard of Louisiana) Of course he uses his non-profit, tax free church corporate veil, to get tax free purchases! Many out of town members have purchased these mobile homes, sight unseen, usually from a picture sent to them by one of his thieving officials, or by just trusting the Kahan who is handling the sale for Yisrayl Hawkins. When the member finally moves to Abilene, and sees what they have purchased, I have personally heard the testimony of men who have told me their wives broke down and cried at what they spent their money on! Especially, when they realize that they can’t get their money back, because they’ve signed contracts that prevent them from any recourse! This scam is on a continual basis, as old members leave, and new members come into his cult!

18. If you put your personal/private property on the HOY properties, such as the 44 acres where the church building is located, he will allow you put it there with no requirement to provide ownership, but then when you decide to leave the HOY, or get kicked out of the HOY, he steals the property, by demanding proof of ownership from you, in order for you to get your personal/private property back! He now puts a disclaimer on the Feast registration forms, that if you leave your property on HOY property, you will be charged a fee for this service! This way he can create unpaid due bills, that show people owe the church money for storage fees, which allows him to steal their property! (Most never read the small print!) He has certain hand picked officials who are always figuring ways to extort money from members and they will do anything to protect the Corporation! There are countless forms that members are required to sign, to release the Elders, Yisrayl Hawkins, and the House of Yahweh corporation, from any indemnity and immunity. The members are forced to sign these forms in order to be a member of the Corporate Church. They are signed by these members, with no questions, and if any should question, they are frowned upon as being rebellious or not in unity with the HOY doctrine. This type of pressure usually forces them into compliance! On Sabbaths, there is usually a line in front of Kahan Chizqiyah’s office (Yisrayl Hawkins hand picked extortioner) with men who owe Yisrayl Hawkins and his corporate church money. He keeps them in debt with his modern day slavery, low wages, that force them to get into debts, they can’t get out of! After all how can anyone be expected to live these days on, $1 an hour wages?

19. Yisrayl Hawkins has allowed the molestation of girls and boys by not reporting these incidents to the proper legal authorities. Today, there are still many child molesters in his group which have been accused of several molestation incidents within the HOY over the years, but they are not removed because they are workers/slaves for Yisrayl Hawkins. They are granted immunity by their King. At this time there are active male members within his organization, who
are on the Texas Sex Offender Registry, and have known interaction with young boys on the church grounds.

20. He sanctioned a midwifery program back in the 1990’s, within the House of Yahweh, where people would pay $500 per delivery to the HOY for the delivery of their children by Texas State trained midwives. However, very little of the money was ever used for midwifery usage; such as supplies, and the proper funds necessary to provide adequate prenatal care and delivery. Also, none of this money is traceable, as most of it was paid in cash! He also pocketed $50 for every circumcision that was performed on the uncircumcised, men and children, (numbered in the hundreds.) More money paid in cash and not reported as income to the church! Any payments made by check were considered a donation and was paid at the office of the House of Yahweh. Many deliveries took place on the HOY grounds, even though on the birth certificates the actual location of birth was rarely placed on it.  Several years ago, the program was shut down because of the liabilities that were incurred after a lawsuit against Yisrayl Hawkins. He was found liable in the death of Lisa Johnson, who died after giving birth (she bled to death), and his insurance company paid out a large sum of money to the family in this lawsuit!  He has a constant problem of interfering with the decision making process of those who are professionally trained; when he has no formal training. (They will not make a decision without his approval.) In the case of Lisa Johnson’s death on August 13, 2006, he was sued in a civil case, by her husband Michael Johnson, and he wound up settling the case, before it made it to trial. It was widely known he made rules for the midwives, whereby the husbands and close family members could not attend the birthing deliveries. Lisa Johnson’s case is a perfect example, where her husband, nor any close relative, was allowed to be at the delivery or after the delivery of the child. The midwives in attendance, never notified the husband or close family members, that Lisa was in a serious complication, after the delivery, UNTIL, she died! However, Yisrayl Hawkins, was kept informed through the whole process, shown by phone records, and his instructions to the lead Midwives ultimately lead to Lisa’s death! Today, the midwifery program is supposedly, shut down, but most likely, it has gone underground and only takes on certain women, who can be trusted, for their births!

21. He would collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from men who wanted wives, through a law in the bible, called “a brides price.” The price paid by the man, was never given to the actual father of the bride, but instead the money was considered a HOY donation. The price was calculated by certain Elders (Kahans), according to the size of the man’s estate and earnings. I know of a bride’s price for Joe Phillips, who paid several hundred thousands of dollars for his bride, which was done in monthly installments. He took on this second wife, and after about 3 years, the woman left him! The interesting part was, he still had to pay Yisrayl Hawkins and the HOY for her, even though she left him! Since many payments, such as brides prices, 2nd tithes, 3rd tithes, left over tithes, and offerings were paid in cash, there is no paper trail to follow these payments, and the cash was easily pocketed and put into Yisrayl Hawkins safe. He currently owns 100’s of acres in Callahan County, many with huge homes built on the property, with 8 foot fencing separating the property from neighbors. These properties are estimated at over $2,000,000. In order to hide much of his wealth, he has it put title in the names of his various children from his polygamous marriages, or in loyal Elders and Deacons names, his many wives and concubines names, which of course does not reveal the true owner of the properties. He also sells properties through certain hand picked Elders, and usually doesn’t give the purchaser a legal, lawful deed to their property. (They use stall tactics, sometimes for years, to put off giving clear title.) If the purchaser should leave the HOY or get kicked out, they have no legal recourse to sell the property, or get their money back. This scam has netted him hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit! He then resells these same properties to new members and repeats the process all over again!

22. He has loyal men from his congregation, to fraudulently inscribe their names on State-legal marriage certificates, (showing they are married to these younger women) so that it appears they have a public legal marriage, even though in private, these young women are really Yisrayl Hawkins, common law, polygamous wives. (I have proof of one such marriage and would gladly provide a copy of this Texas State, certified marriage/divorce document, to anyone who would like one, just send an email requesting a copy!) In the documents, you will see that the man married the women right after Yisrayl Hawkins was arrested for bigamy in early 2008, and then they suddenly divorced after his court case was finalized in late 2010! Anyone who knows these two people, know that they were not married at the House of Yahweh to each other. In fact, anyone who knows the girl, knows that she was one of Yisrayl Hawkins wives!

23. Yisrayl Hawkins has broken so many Laws of the Bible, it would take another link on this site to cover all the Laws he violates, (which we will set up at in the near future.) His life is a pattern of sin, carefully hidden from unsuspecting members of the congregation. This man does not trust anyone, and for good reason, we know of no other person who has entered the doors of his church, who has done so much harm, to so many people. He lives in constant fear of his life, and has personal, hand picked guards, high fences around his property with surveillance cameras all along the County Road in Callahan county. He takes different routes, with alternating vehicles when he leaves his properties, and always is armed for any conflict.

24. His life story is a lie, propagated by his church Elders! He was allegedly (Elder Shaul Schneider Hawkins claims in a press release) named by a 1 year old brother when he was born, which can be seen in the video section of this site in the IBN newscast video (another phony HOY propaganda newscast). Only problem, when he was born, his next oldest brother, Vernon George (Sonny) Hawkins (born was 10/20/30)  was almost 4 years old! Buffalo Bill Hawkins was born 8/28/34! So Elder Shaul Schneider is promoting another lie, as usual! This is more propaganda to make it look like their buffalo god’s birth is some kind of miraculous spiritual event (they claim he fulfills a Lakota Indian prophecy). In earlier sermons before the year 2000, YH said his brother’s age was 2, now he is claiming he was 1 when he named him. Every few years he seems to get younger! By 2020, he most likely will be 6 months old! Another report by his Elders was that he was born on the side of the road in a covered wagon! However, his birth certificate (shown here on this site) shows that he was born in the hospital, signified by the attending physician in Lexington, Oklahoma who signed his birth certificate! I know this whole story seems so strange and most people would say what is the point of all of this dramatic story telling, why is he going to such extremes? Well remember, he has to keep his god-like appearance before his congregation and everything in his life has to appear to his followers, like it was heavenly inspired and miraculous! This is the whole sham of a con artist life! If you can fool the people once, you can fool them over and over again!

25. In his constant, demeaning, doctrinal teachings of the sexes, male members of the congregation, are forbidden to look upon female members faces at the church. So anyone who goes onto the corporate church grounds, will see women wearing veils, completely covering their faces and bodies, with full Muslim attire. The women are required to wear long dresses, veils, and have no body parts exposed, for fear a man might lust after them! If they are on their monthly flow (period), they are called “unclean” and must wear plastic gloves, masks or veils, wear long sleeves and sit on mats. Wives who are unclean, can’t sleep in the same bed with their husbands, they can’t kiss them, touch them, nor cook for their husbands. Many husbands have their own houses, or r.v.’s to live in, when their wife is unclean. Most of the young men, never get an opportunity to get a wife, because Yisrayl Hawkins lures many of the single, available women who come into his church, into his extended family!

26. Yisrayl Hawkins, in direct violation of Biblical Law, has added and taken hebrew words totally out of context, from the Holy Scriptures as seen by his mistranslations and transliterations written in his bible called the “Book of Yahweh.” You can find his bible mistranslations and hypothetical theories of the many bible passages he twists, on the “Mistranslations” link, on this site.

27. Most important to all bible students, Yisrayl Hawkins does not have any formal religious schooling, nor can he represent the Character of the Creator! He defends convicted child molesters and protects them within his church. He has boasted many times, that he is the biggest sinner in his corporate church, which is one of the few truths he has told to his members! No child is safe within this organization!

28. Many years ago, Yisrayl Hawkins committed adultery with his younger brothers wife. Texas James Hawkins was the brother. Tex actually caught them both, in the act.  If you look at the picture below with the Buffalo Bill band, his brother ‘Tex’ is the young man to his right playing guitar. What kind of man commits adultery with his brothers wife, and then says he is a preacher of righteousness??? Yisrayl Hawkins!  I don’t think it is possible from his sordid history of philandering and lustful conquests of so many women, that he could have repented of HIS sins, because he is still committing them to this day!  He has committed adultery so many times by telling women that their husbands are “fallaways or unconverted” and spiritually dead, therefore, setting them free from any legal civil unions of marriage! Their slate is wiped clean and they can re-marry him! May the Almighty have mercy on the families he has destroyed with this deception.

29. The Ashes of the Red Heifer: Another big deception, by Yisrayl Hawkins. In 2004, Yisrayl Hawkins claimed to have raised a Red Heifer cow and performed the rites of it’s death, according to the Law found in Numbers 19th chapter, and that his church was finally able to keep that biblical law of the cleansing from Death! The congregation was given the impression that they could be cleansed from the uncleanness of death by the sprinkling of the ash water of this cow! However, to this day no one has ever seen any pictures of this supposedly perfect red heifer, not even the Jews in Israel can confirm such an animal exists. He even has stated dozens of times, that “all animals are defiled in this world!” If that is the case, how could he ever find a red heifer without spot or blemish? I guess most people there, never pay attention to the small details of his sermons! I was recently informed that the HOY charges members, who have had loved ones die at home a fee for this sprinkling! The Kahans come to the residence and sprinkle the inside of it with his red heifer water! These people are charged hundreds, even thousands of dollars for two Elders to come in and throw water at their walls and furniture! Can you imagine that, hundreds of dollars just to sprinkle a few pennies of water!!!

30. Yisrayl Hawkins has claimed since the 70’s that he was once a land baron, owning over 100 rent houses! He states that it is this income from these rent houses that has kept his church financially sound. However, if one looks into the Texas Land Records, (2 links below) which can be researched back to the 60’s. Yisrayl Hawkins, Bill Hawkins, Buffalo Bill Hawkins, didn’t own that much property, until the last 1o-15 years. In fact, it wasn’t until after his divorce with Kay Hawkins, that he started to somehow have an abundant cash flow to purchase property! Those who are familiar with his tactics, know that he has stolen HOY tithes, offerings, and used money from his HOY businesses (most people pay him in cash) in order to build his real estate empire! He also gets a 10-15% pay out from certain members businesses, just for his blessing upon the business!




 BELOW IS A PICTURE OF PUBLIC ENEMY, NUMBER ONE, AND TWO, of the Corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH!  Yedidiyah (Chris Jandresivits) Hawkins and Yisrayl (Buffalo Bill) Hawkins!!! Together, they were quite a team!

Buffalo Bill Hawkins “The Great White Buffalo” is worshiped at his corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH, below is an artist rendition of the Buffalo God!

If you would like to submit and tell your personal stories, all we ask is that you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to the best of your ability! We will print it!  There is a saying “Truth is truth, it cannot be refuted, only denied or ignored!”
That is the one thing that separates us from the members who promote the lie of Yisrayl Hawkins today, we tell the TRUTH, while they believe, and tell lies!
This site in every way possible will attempt to revealing the truth of Yisrayl Hawkins, ‘The Man Behind the Name’ and also provide the stories of the people who entered and left the church!

Yisrayl Hawkins brags about being the most hated man on earth, which is another lie and part of his propaganda to get sympathy from his members! However, who doesn’t hate evil? This is what the Bible has inspired to be written, concerning men like Yisrayl Hawkins, their actions are to be hated!

Proverbs 8:13 “The reverence of Yahweh is to hate evil: pride and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the deceitful, perverse, fraudulent mouth, do I HATE!”

You will find the personal testimonies of ex-members in three categories of their entrance into the corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH, on this website:

1st generation 1978-1995        2nd generation 1996-2004         3rd generation 2005-present.

Whatever year any member entered the corporate, HOUSE OF YAHWEH, determines what generation your testimony will be placed on this site. So please send them in and tell the world of your life at this Church. Your testimony will show empathy, for those who may not know the true facts of Yisrayl Hawkins and his Buffalo Bill Wild West Show!

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Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins:

The man worshiped at a HOUSE OF YAHWEH

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