The Peaceful Solution

Renamed later, and now called, “The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Incorporated.”

The teaching program called, “the Peaceful Solution,” was created and authored, by the Elders, and their wives, of the House of Yahweh, in the early 1990’s in order to teach the principles of the Old Testament laws to the world, in the Public Sector (Churches, Schools, Prisons, Judicial System, etc…). It was later revised, by Yisrayl Hawkins, where he took the bible out of the program and then called it a character education program.

n the beginning, this program was called “The 613 Law Commentaries” which was Law Commentary Books based on the 613 Jewish Laws. I still have copies of those original books, which gave authorship credit to the Elders and their wives, who did the research work in these commentaries! That was the first, and last time Yisrayl Hawkins ever gave credit where it was due! (I think he knew he made a big mistake! These books are no longer in print at the HOY!) It was later revised to be called the “Peaceful Solution” and then after the scriptures were taken out, it was renamed and incorporated as the “Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Incorporated.” Those books have him as the creator and author, which is an outright LIE and pure DECEPTION!

Here is my recollection of events of the PSCEP beginnings, and its inception.

I remember being called along with my wife to a meeting at Yisrayl Hawkins office on the 44 acres around 1994/95. There was a group of Elders and their wives, and to the best of my recollection this meeting consisted of the following people: Michael/Tanah Sheets, Doug/Eugenia Schoenheinz, Charlie/Jackie Palmer, and most notably, I do remember Lystra Cox was there (she is the true author of this character education program), as well as some of Yisrayl Hawkins (YH) other wives/concubines/slaves. At this initial meeting YH informed us that we would be instituting a character education program to promote the House of Yahweh, without religion, which would be organized as a separate non-profit organization, whose sole purpose was designed to do the following:

1. The Program would bring in income for House of Yahweh members, who would be able to stop working at their worldly secular jobs, and do what we called, “the work of Yahweh!” (Little did we know, that meant “to make Yisrayl Hawkins rich!”) Our objectives would be to get government grants, and private grants from other organizations who could donate money to this future 501c3 non-profit educational organization.

2. The Program was to teach the Laws of Yahweh to the world through teachings of morality and character education, separating these moral principles from religious view points or scriptural authority. (The Holy Scriptures were taken out of the Peaceful Solution books from that point on!)
3. The Program would hopefully bring in new members to the House of Yahweh, who after being taught the PSCEP, would be carefully guided to the HOY. (This would be accomplished because everyone on the PSCEP board of directors, and those who promote the program, are all members of the House of Yahweh!)

4. Those of us, who were at that first meeting, were hand picked to help in organizing this program’s curriculum, and it was emphasized that we were to keep religion out of it’s teachings, so that we could get monetary support through government grants.
5. The Elders and their wives, were to provide any support, advice, and gather information of other qualified HOY members, who could help in getting this program formulated, implemented and distributed in a timely manner, and with a volunteer labor force.

Digressing for a moment, this eventually inspired a HOY program that was mandated, where every HOY member was required to have a minimum of two counselors (Elders for the men, Elders wives for the women) to give them counsel, but more importantly, to gather information on every member! As an Elder in the HOY, since 1989, a Judge since 1991, I learned too much about so many members private lives in the House of Yahweh. I was also one, of two, head Elders over a new department, called the Counseling Department. Basically, every counseling Elder had to report to Michayl Sheets and myself, everything concerning other members personal disclosures that were confessed to them. This eventually led in 2000, to what was the Initial Confession before Baptism, where every member had to confess before two Elders (or if you were a women, two Elders wives) their deepest and darkest sins and transgressions in their life! After that they would confess weekly on Friday nights before the Sabbath day. I have had the misfortune of hearing personally too many peoples dirty laundry! Talk about some horrible confessions… I never knew people could be so evil!

Our first priority was to get the organization rated as a 501c3 non-profit organization, and to research into philanthropic organizations who provided funding to character education groups, which could help fund our organization. I remember Yisrayl Hawkins calling me later to find out if I had a College degree, because he was told that in order for the organization to have credibility, it needed the Founding Directors with College Degrees and solid educational backgrounds. This would give the organization a resemblance of good standing in the eyes of the world and those who we would be requesting financial grants from. After all, who would give money to an organization whose directors didn’t have any credentials that the world recognizes? I’m not sure whose names were put on the first documented directors, but I am sure YH’s name wasn’t on it. (Contrary to his delusional rants, he does not have a college degree!)

We also were to use the internet, radio, t.v., cable, satellite and any forms of media to get exposure for the promotion of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. With thousands of loyal HOY members, this was accomplished as you will see as you read this website and examine the web links provided.

The first thing we did was used HOY members to promote the PSCEP. At the Feasts, the members were coached on what they would be doing when they left and went back to their homes. Many members at that time had been putting videos of YH’s preaching on free public t.v. access programs that Elder Anayah (Bruce Bowler) Hawkins was directing, under YH’s control. At that time these members, who we had scattered all over the United States, were given vhs tapes that had YH promoting the Peaceful Solution Program. We also had packaged the sample program into what was called a “lunch box” which included Elementary School character samples, and a vhs videotape promoting the PSCEP’s teaching benefits. I’m not sure how many lunch box samples we handed out in the next few years, but I am sure it was in the thousands. However, the program was not as successful, as it was too costly, and eventually it was stopped. Remember, YH does not like losing money!

Eventually the material that was gathered and consolidated, starting out as children books, but then more material was written for different age levels, (jr. high, high school level) which would be sold to the public schools, judicial institutions and prisons. This would help bring income into the organization. (or Yisrayl Hawkins pocket. If you notice he is represented as the author of the books, which is the biggest lie and deception behind the books! YH did not write those books!) So who gets the profit???

Another tactic was to have Elders, and their wives, start our own peace groups. This would show that our members were individual peace activists and not all part of a big scheme to promote the PSCEP. I remember starting my own Peace group, called “Peacekeepers.” I even had a website promoting peace! My problem was that I was serious about it and when YH realized that we could be bigger or better than the PSCEP, we were criticized and discouraged to discontinue what we had started.

I have to laugh now, because I was able to get my 501c3 status before the PSCEP did, and they were calling me on the phone, trying to figure out how I did it so fast, because they were hitting road blocks in their attempt to get their non-profit status! Yisrayl Hawkins never wants to be second best and his ego has to be constantly fed! If you don’t believe me, just tune into one of their religious sermons which are live every Saturday and watch the whooping and screaming when he enters onto the stage!

On February 23-25, 2001 Yisrayl Hawkins and Dr. Oryema Johnson convened the 3rd Global Conference on Peace, in Clyde, Texas. At this Conference, sponsored by the HOY, those of us who had an organized peace group were given opportunities to speak at our First Peace Conference! We were to show how the PSCEP had helped our Peace Group prosper. Of course, YH invited his own hand picked delegates that he felt would give the Conference more credibility. Some of these people and organizations were the Fallon Gong from Chicago, the Mayor of Ibillin, Israel, an education minister from Armenia, as well as having many of YH’s specific hand chosen loyal members of the HOY, who would pose as representatives from different States in the United States, and also from foreign countries. They would represent their respective State or Country acting as if they had traveled to the conference to attend and hear the solution to peace and bring it back to their homelands. I was chosen as representing Louisiana, Cindy Kazyaka (an Asian American) posing like she was a Chinese National, represented China, Micahyah Dina represented Canada, Nathanyah Ashong (a Canadian citizen posing as a being from Guana) represented Guana, Africa, as well as many other HOY members who represented Trinidad/Tobago, Mexico, and other nations throughout the world. The whole charade was set up like a United Nations meeting where each representative had a placard with the State, or Nation, they were to be posing, to represent. We even had booths set up with our literature for the other delegates to take and read. What was so ridiculous is that 99% of the attendees were all from the HOY. The only ones who weren’t, were the ones Yisrayl Hawkins invited, who were to be conned into believing we were delegates from other Nations, and States, attending the peace convention. In reality, we were all part of Yisrayl Hawkins con game! In our eyes, at the time, we thought we were part of a real peace process that would change the world, the only problem was that we were trying to deceive the guests into thinking we had legitimate peace groups, and that we were sent by our Foreign Governments, and States, to represent our respective nation!

I recall an attendee, Gail Winters telling me that at this Peace Conference, he met the mayor of Ibillin, Israel outside when he was taking a smoke break, and the mayor asked Gail, what exactly are you guys doing here? LOL…here was a key speaker at the conference and he didn’t even know what he was there for, or what YH was trying to do! He didn’t realize that he was part of a charade to build up YH resume so that he could put this on his accomplishment list! It’s just like the pictures placed strategically throughout the sanctuary of the House of Yahweh, where there are pictures of YH shaking hands with Shimon Peres and other Middle Eastern politicians. These pictures were all part of a paid publicity campaign to convince the HOY members that YH was working with world leaders in the Middle East! My question is where is the Peaceful Solution school that he said was going to be built 15 years ago in Ibillin, Israel? Another con game, by the master con artist! Of course this is the mind of a sociopathic mental disorder! Yisrayl Hawkins, grandeurs of delusion! The HOY members were all a part of it, living our delusion, in his delusion! I encourage you to read my article on psychopothic/sociopathic disorders on this website, it will give you a better understanding of who Yisrayl Hawkins really is!

This is the type of tactics that YH has always used and will always use, deception, in order to get what he wants, and needs!!! The sad part is he teaches all his members to do the same thing, “DECEIVE,” its acceptable, as long as you are promoting, his version, of what he calls, “the Work of Yahweh.”

At this same time period, Yisrayl Hawkins was working with a Canadian Peace Activist, Dr. Oryema Johnson, who was a part of a Canadian Peace Movement and who somehow got involved with YH. I do know that it was Dr. Johnson who gave YH the inspiration for a Peace Conference. (Remember YH does not have any original ideas, he uses others ideas and then takes credit for them.) However, a year later, Dr. Johnson seemed to disappear and we never heard his name mentioned anymore with the PSCEP or within the HOY. I asked Micahyah Dina, (she was YH’s promoter), at that time why he wasn’t involved anymore with YH and she stated “his views weren’t the same as Yisrayl Hawkins.” (Another words she couldn’t tell me the truth, which was he saw right through YH’s con game!) I always knew that Dr. Johnson was a sincere man, who got involved as an innocent pawn, in Yisrayl Hawkins con game of character education/peace movement, chess. My perception of Dr. Johnson’s involvement with YH was recently confirmed, when I was able to make contact with him on Facebook.

On December 7, 2013, my question to Micahyah Dinah was answered and confirmed by the man himself, as I was able to contact Dr. Oryema Johnson on Facebook, and asked him the question that had I longed to know; why did he stopped his involvement with Yisrayl Hawkins and the PSCEP movement?

My question to Dr. Johnson:

“Hi again. I was wondering if you could give me your story about your involvement with Yisrayl Hawkins back in the late 90’s and the Peaceful Solution Program. I was wondering how, or why you stopped being involved? I have been investigating Yisrayl Hawkins for several years and find it hard to find the truth about what he is doing, as he is quite crafty…”

Here is Dr. Johnson’s, word for word, response:

“Hi there. Peace has always been and will remain my passion. I got involved with Hawkins because of the work he was doing in the same field and invited him to a conference we organized in Ottawa Canada on global peace which he attended and gave a talk. In turn he asked me to work with him to organize a similar conference in his place where you and I met. I had actually wanted to establish a center for peace studies. However, in the end this did not work as my vision for peace differed from his. I thought his vision of peace was to control the mind, manipulate people and in the process take away their properties and turn them into servitude. I was not impressed with the way the people living on his compound were living and also the accusation that he was treating some of the women/girls as his wives. In a nutshell that is why I left. Hope this helps. Are you still involved with him?” Dr. Oryema Johnson

Points to consider in Dr. Johnson’s reasoning for not affiliating himself with Yisrayl Hawkins, in his words, “they had a different vision of peace.” We can see from Dr. Johnson’s comments, that he saw through Yisrayl Hawkins vision of peace, where YH had a place, in which:

  • Yisrayl Hawkins controlled peoples minds
  • Yisrayl Hawkins wanted to manipulate people
  • Yisrayl Hawkins had a process to take away peoples properties
  • Yisrayl Hawkins turned people into slaves
  • Yisrayl Hawkins members living conditions were not adequate
  • Yisrayl Hawkins treatment of the women/girls who were his wives

I can testify to Dr. Johnson’s opinion of Yisrayl Hawkins and verify that his viewpoint, was right on target! Everything he stated is a good, right on point, assessment of the man, Yisrayl Hawkins!

After the initial Peace Conference in 2001 we were told by YH that this would be the beginning of more Peace Conferences which would be held every year, but judging from the flop of the first one and the expenses that YH incurred, I can see why YH never had another one! He hates to lose money and it was all a lie to begin with, there was not intention of having future peace conferences, unless he could make a profit, or get more attention in the public arena!

One other thing that transpired at that time, was Yisrayl Hawkins was given the title of “Doctor,” it was during that time period that Micahyah Dinah, started to promote Yisrayl Hawkins, as “Dr. Yisrayl Hawkins!”

Here is more proof to back up, as to what I testify, to be true. I found this article online concerning the 3rd Global Peace Conference, this article is dated May 3, 2001, and can be found at:

Letter: The Peaceful Solution will benefit society

Brenda Lowe

Fernandina Beach

Published Thursday, May 03, 2001

In writing, my hope is that we will all unite in taking action to bring peace to our communities. I, like you, have seen the effects of a world at unrest. We have seen wars, hatred and much death. This death is not only upon foreign lands, but also right in our schools and homes. On April 20, 1999, the tragedy of Columbine High School occurred. On March 6, 2001, almost two years later, we had another horror in a school in Santee, Calif. This shows that we have done nothing to change the hearts and minds of the students to make sure this does not occur again. Unless we get to the cause of these tragedies, unless we stop trying to put a Band-Aid on the symptoms of a sick society, we will continue to mourn without hope of change. My hope is that you will see there is a peaceful solution and a positive way to change the way our society is heading.

On Feb. 23-25, 2001, the Third Global Conference on Peace was hosted by The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. It was convened by Dr. Yisrayl Hawkins from Abilene and Dr. Oryema Johnson from Canada. They were 16 countries represented there, including men and women from China, Russia, Israel and Nigeria, to name a few. Representatives from various peace organizations across the United States were also in attendance.

Though the people came from many nations, the problems all stemmed from the same cause: a lack of education in the laws of moral principles. It was agreed upon by all, that with proper education, starting at very young age, all forms of the negative effects that we see in modern day society would be eliminated. ”The only way to stop hate and killing is through education, taught through the laws in the Peaceful Solution,” said the representative from Israel. The representative from Armenia totally agreed with this statement. These two men have seen the devastating effects of their countries at war, because only war is taught there. Now they will be taking back with them hope, through the teaching of the Peaceful Solution.

What is the Peaceful Solution? The Peaceful Solution is a set of moral principles that can be taught to all people. Everyone who is taught and practices The Peaceful Solution will greatly benefit from these principles.

I urge you to obtain and consider this information. Free samples of this program are being offered. To receive your free copy, call 1-888-613-9494 or write to The Peaceful Solution, P.O. Box 2442, Abilene, Texas 79604; or e-mail: [email protected] and request the Peaceful Solution program which was offered at the Third Global Conference on peace in Abilene, Texas. Yisrayl Hawkins is also available for interviews.

You have the opportunity and the responsibility to do something to make a change.

I’m not sure who Brenda Lowe is, and how a newspaper in Florida picked up on a Peace Conference in Texas, but my hunch is that someone from the HOY wrote it, and Ms. Lowe picked it up on the AP wirephoto. I say this because it is obvious the article is promoting the PSCEP more as an advertisement, rather than as a news article. I highly doubt anyone can buy the notion that an Arabian mayor from Ibillin, Israel, practices the Laws of the Peaceful Solution, which derives their source program from the Jewish laws, except someone from the House of Yahweh! I did find online what I believe to be the original article and who I believe to be the author of this press release. Fernando Lozano, of Laredo, Texas (coincidence?) who I personally know is a long standing member of the House of Yahweh and who works closely with Elder (Kahan) Benyamin (Crouse) Hawkins, of the Character Connection, located in Laredo, Texas, wrote a letter to the editor of the Laredo Times, it is word for word in the Florida paper!

I remember my last individual endeavor to push the PSCEP. I had set up a meeting with one of the Texas Education School Region 9 directors of education. I invited Elder Gedalyah (Fred Morgan) to attend with me and we drove to Wichita Falls to meet and promote the PSCEP and brought the lunchboxes to hand out. Digressing for a moment, I will state, this trip was done with my funds, as YH, nor the PSCEP, never helped provide any monetary costs to promote costs to members who promoted this program. It’s no different today, where the directors or Elders, pay for their own transportation, food, lodging, etc…

When we met with the Regional 9 Director, his gave us his input on the lunchboxes, which was that most teachers and educators, will not read them, or look at the video, because it was too much information. He questioned why a program has only Yisrayl Hawkins name on it (and wanted to know who is Yisrayl Hawkins) and not the other committee directors of the organization? He suggested we have a simple 5 minute video on dvd and a simple brochure explaining the program, as well as brief information of the directors. Upon our return I was debriefed by Elder Shaul Schneider, who when I told him of the Region 9 director’s response to questioning who Yisrayl Hawkins is and I suggested we remove his name from the books and programs, his reply was, “it doesn’t matter if these people will accept our material, as our sole purpose is to promote Yisrayl Hawkins!” Needless to say, that was my last time in wasting any money or time with the PSCEP! I thought we were promoting a program that would help members, and give people an opportunity to find Yahweh through character eductation. Shaul had given me a reality check. It’s about promoting Yisrayl Hawkins, the man behind the name!

On other thing to mention is that, at first, the PSCEP was designed for the world, not for HOY members and we were told to not use it in teaching our children. I can recall asking why the office was out of PSCEP books, as I was wanting to get one to teach my younger girls. I was told flat out, “we aren’t supposed to be teaching this to our children.” My, how times have changed, because now the HOY commands their children to be taught the PSCEP!!!
On their website: we find that YH is the curriculum director, and author of the PSCEP. This is another lie and deceptive practice by YH! This program was started and created by Lystra Cox, a former school teacher, as well as help she received by other members, who were former school educators. YH only has a 5th grade education and doesn’t have a creative bone in his body! There is no way educationally he could come up with such a program! I would challenge him any day of the week on it! However, he is good at putting his name on other peoples creative works! For him to take full credit, as the author, for this Program is an insult to the hard working people who have devoted so much of their time, energy, and life to a program that will never financially benefit them! He should be charged with a theft or fraud crime, but as usual, he slips away from the legal system, because of his devoted members, who give up everything creative and credible, to promote “Yisrayl Hawkins!”

Another deception and con game that he pulled was the use of the name “Peaceful Solution.” This name was created by Devalle Hayes (a.k.a. Elder Malakzadok Hawkins) who was an Elder from New York City. He started a series of musical c.d.’s which he called “The Peaceful Solution.” I still have several of his c.d.’s which had his original arrangements and many of the songs has his wife singing these beautiful songs. Yisrayl Hawkins conned Devalle Hayes out of the name and stole it, by having him donate the name and some of his music to the HOY and YH! Of course I know the truth of this matter and so does Malakzadok! Since he is still in the organization, I am sure he wouldn’t be so forthcoming, but nonetheless, this name “Peaceful Solution” is not a creation of Yisrayl Hawkins, but just another stolen idea from another member of the HOY! The sad thing is that the creator of this name, can’t even use it anymore on his music c.d.’s unless YH gives him permission!

In all the years this PSCEP program has been in existence, there is no telling how much money has been donated to it, by unsuspecting philanthropists, and how much money Yisrayl Hawkins has pocketed, as no one ever questions him or audits his organization. Then there is the FREE labor from all the members in promoting this program! Even if one did question YH, I am sure he has figured out a legal way to divert the funds to protect him from any lawsuits.

Throughout the years, I have noticed that there have only been a few who have been successful at using the program as a means of financial support. That would be ex-con, William “Benjamin” Crouse (an Elder in the HOY) and Arkansas used car salesman, David Knighten (a Deacon in the HOY.) However, Knighten’s work in Arkansas was stopped in one city, because the local authorities figured out YH’s con game!

An amendment was passed by the City of Benton, Arkansas to cut any ties with YH and his deceptive PSCEP program which states specifically that any use of the Mayor, or City of Benton logo in any videos, would be unauthorized! David Knighten and Benjamin Crouse choose to ignore this amendment and still use the Mayor Holland video, as a promotion for the PSCEP on youtube!

I think that many political and government officials will come to realize what Mayor Holland has fully realized, “the PSCEP and The House of Yahweh are one and the same,” which means that government is linking itself to the House of Yahweh religion! All one has to do is listen to the sermons by Kahan Benjamin Crouse Hawkins and Deacon David Knighten Hawkins and the truth is there for all to see! They brag how the government officials are promoting the House of Yahweh, even though they don’t realize they are doing it!!! This is the con game!!!!

David Knighten has learned well from YH’s, and uses the same tactics and propaganda to make it seem like he is a legitimate peace activist, when in reality, he is a Yisrayl Hawkins activist!

Benjamin Crouse, whose personality is much like YH, (meaning he has sociopathic tendencies much like YH) has been able to create his own organization called “Character Connection.” He has infiltrated the City of Laredo, Texas with the PSCEP teachings as his primary teaching program. Of course, he promotes Yisrayl Hawkins, like all the Kahans (Elders) of the House of Yahweh are commanded to do, who tout him as, “The Greatest Teacher in the World!” This saying was started by the child molesting Elder Yedidiyah Jandresivits, who would always introduce Yisrayl Hawkins before every sermon with this monologue. Since Yedidiyah is serving 30 years in a Texas State Penitentiary, and can no longer introduce his idol, the other Kahans of the HOY have kept his monologue alive, and well, every sabbath in Clyde, Texas, as they introduce their spiritual leader and god, as “The Greatest Teacher in the World!” Mr. Crouse seems to get in the spirit like Yedidiyah did, and shouts it out with a fervent fever pitch to the masses. (December 7, 2013 is a good example!)

In Mr. Crouses endeavor to deceive the people of the City of Laredo, he has followed YH’s format and plan to invade and overtake people. He has worked his way into the Judicial system utilizing the PSCEP as a means to help convicts, and juvenile delinquents overcome their character flaws and become productive citizens in society. While I commend the efforts to do this, and would never criticize such an endeavor, my purpose is to reveal the men behind the name! And since Mr. Crouse doesn’t practice what he preaches, it is important for those who don’t know the truth about the leaders of this program, to be well informed!

William Crouse, also has learned well from YH’s, and uses the same tactics and propaganda to make it seem like he is a legitimate peace activist, when in reality, he is a Yisrayl Hawkins activist! He even started his own character education group:

If you notice he is with Malik Obama, President Obama’s brother! If you research about Mr. Obama, you will find another personality, much like Yisrayl Hawkins, whose record speaks for itself!

I will emphasis, the PSCEP program is not being promoted by it’s directors for helping others, but only to bring in income, recruit new members to the HOY, and build up Yisrayl Hawkins godlike status which has already been identified and declared through all the information and testimonies on this website! After all, I was there at it’s inception and was given the truth about this program’s true intentions, from the start! While I think character education is needed in the world, and those who created this program (Lystra Cox) had good intentions, (I say that because I know it was created by good people within the HOY) I cannot and never will support a program that is benefiting one man, “Yisrayl Hawkins, a religious cult leader.” Since as a 23 year member of the House of Yahweh, I know for a fact, that others are suffering under his tutelage! All one has to do and go and see the conditions many of his members live around the Clyde, Texas community, or speak to locals of their conditions.

Mr. Crouse on December 7, 2013 in a House of Yahweh sermon, issued a challenge to anyone, to try and stop what he and YH is doing. I accept that challenge!!! I believe Yahweh will stop anything that brings dishonor to his name!

While I don’t challenge character education, I will challenge those of the HOY and PSCEP, who I know are using their authority to con others and to deceive those who are in need of real character education! There are many other Character Education programs that are just as good, if not better than the PSCEP, and they don’t promote a religious cult leader!

In closing I will state, as I have done throughout this website, Yisrayl Hawkins whole purpose for his character education program is to make money and bring him fame! It is the only thing he loves. Which should remind us of a passage, “the love of money, is a root of evil!”

Here is a website that shows why Yisrayl Hawkins promotes the Laws of Peace, you can “BUY PEACE” from him, for $29.95!


We contacted Alderman Brad Moore of Benton, Arkansas to find out why they passed an ordinance in 2009, to disassociate themselves from Yisrayl Hawkins, Benjamin Crouse founder of The Character Connection, and David Knighten a representative of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. Deacon David Knighten presented the program to the City of Benton, without providing much detail of it’s background. Alderman Moore investigated who Yisrayl Hawkins, Benjamin Crouse were, and after examining the information, he saw through the con game of Yisrayl Hawkins! On May 18, 2009 the City of Benton, Arkansas cut all ties with Yisrayl Hawkins and his deceptive representatives, by passing a city ordinance directing David Knighten to not use the City of Benton in any connection with their character education program!

Alderman Moore said that after this ordinance was passed, David Knighten attempted to to slander, Alderman Moore, and other city officials. In his anger, he recorded a slanderous video attempting to make the Alderman and other officials look bad. He then had the video distributed and played on the local Benton cable access t.v. station. This is David Knighten’s way to practice what he calls “peace.” Of course Alderman Moore had the video removed! Should any wish to check out this information, Mr. Moore can be reached at the City of Benton, Arkansas where he still serves as an Alderman. Here is a link to the article about the ordinance they passed.

I think this information reflects on the true character of the PSCEP leading directors, Yisrayl Hawkins, and his representatives. The whole program is nothing more than a front, to bring more members into the House of Yahweh, using secular programming to get their attention. The program claims to be non-religious, but this is the lie behind the program. If you go to the link on this site about the Peaceful Solution, you will find the truth behind the origins of this program! Alderman Moore, and the City of Benton, Arkansas realized the lies, through a little investigation of their own, and cut ties with this deceptive program and its representatives! So Yisrayl Hawkins, why doesn’t your peaceful solution work in Benton, Arkansas? You state it will prevent and stop any conflict? I guess it didn’t work for the good people of Arkansas, who are more intelligent than you give them credit, and saw through your deception!

Buffalo Bill Yisrayl Hawkins:

The man worshiped at a HOUSE OF YAHWEH

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